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Free Bonus #1 - Downloadable Audio: Forbidden Attraction Secrets Un-Edited "Underground" Workshop


Value: $199.99

As a special bonus you will receive an un-edited recording of an "underground" closed-doors seminar I held in Boston for a select group of men.

If you have ever met a woman (at a party, at a company function, at a bar, etc.) and struck up a conversation that led absolutely nowhere, then this seminar is about to change everything for you.

You are going to learn, without a doubt, a simple system that naturally and immediately attracts women that any man can learn.

To Any Man Who Has Ever Had A Conversation With A Women That Led Nowhere... Forbidden Attraction Techniques That Automatically Attract Women Anywhere.

This un-edited "underground" seminar will add red-hot sizzling attraction into all your conversations with women. Here is just a small sample of what you will learn:

  • How to instantly integrate an essential attitude that gives you unstoppable confidence so that women are automatically attracted to you without having to do any heavy lifting.

  • The 2 step secret lost technique of Instant Attraction. This one trick will give you the voice that women crave so you will be the one getting all of their attention. (This one thing changed my voice from quiet to attention grabbing)

  • The 4 Beliefs that will have the really beautiful women you want attracted to you by YOUR choice, not by chance.

  • A secret communication structure I stumbled on that effortlessly attracts hot women automatically. (The Best Part is you use your own personality and your own words.)

  • The one trick I discovered to instantly implant confidence in yourself... hesitation.... fear.... not knowing what to say... are all completely removed from your head when you are talking to a beautiful woman.

  • The BIG fatal conversational error that 99% of guys make. This one MISTAKE DESTROYS any chance of attraction and will have women avoiding you forever.

  • How to be funny without being funny. This secret method of communication I uncovered that will have women laughing all the way to your bedroom so you can get the girl without becoming a comedian.

  • And Much More…


Free Bonus Gift #2 - Downloadable Report: Top 5 Places Where Women Outnumber The Men


Value: $49.99

In this report, you'll discover five "hidden goldmine" locations where there are almost always more women than men.  And the best part?  The women are actually there to be friendly and meet people.

I've gotten numerous girlfriends from these secret locations, and now you will too.  While most guys are going to bars and striking out with the bitchy, unavailable women there... you'll be enjoying the company of warm, friendly ladies who are happy that you came out to meet them.


Free Bonus Gift #3 - How To Make Her Fantasize About Being With You

Value: $49.99

In this bonus report, you'll discover seven powerful tactics for making her fantasize about being with you when you're not around.

We don't talk about it much, but every guy who has mastered the art of seduction knows that women don't resist their own thoughts. If you can get her thinking about you on her own, she'll actually think it was her idea to get you into bed in the first place! That's what you'll learn in this very specialized bonus manual.

You'll discover:

  • How to make her obsess about you by using the "accidental message" technique!
  • How a simple trip to the bookstore can get her fantasizing about having sex with you later that night.
  • How to give her a preview of what it's like to be your loyal girlfriend, so she can "try it on and see how it fits" (funny thing is... once she starts seeing herself as your woman, she won't be able to stop seeing herself that way!).
  • An easy way for you to tell if she's interested, just by going out to dinner and doing one simple thing that she doesn't expect.


How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms - Downloadable Report
Value: $49.99

In this report, you'll discover my best techniques for making a woman 'come' over and over again.  I guarantee that she'll never see you the same again after you start using these secrets.

Once you learn these simpel techniques you can make her come again and again.  Most women don't even know how to give themselves multiple orgasms, but YOU will after reading this report!

This explosive report will expose all the myths about multiple orgasms, and show you exactly how to make it happen as early as tonight.

You'll discover:

  • The 'magic four letter word' for flipping her mental 'switch', and getting her ready for a night of orgasms.  (Hint: It begins with the letter S)
  • The secret of the PR technique - the single most important technique you need to learn in order to give her INSANE multiple orgasms (most women don't even know this technique exists!)
  • Revealed for the first time:  Secrets of female ejaculation - how to make your woman come like a fire hose! 

And much more...


Text Messages That Automatically Seduce Women - Downloadable Report
Value: $49.99

In this report, you'll discover my best techniques for using your cell phone to spark romance and passion in your life with women.

Once you learn these simpel techniques you almost litterally have a direct line inot a woman's brain. YOU will be able to turn her on and have her want you all just by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone after reading this report!

And much more...


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